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Can my housekeeper clean whilst I'm out?


All cleaners working at Direct Cleaning 4 You have been specially selected and have gone through vigorous background checks to ensure that our customers belongings and safety are not compromised. We have done this extensive background check and previous work references  so that you feel comfortable and can trust them to clean your home whilst you are out.


For customers with regular cleaning you will be given the same cleaner carrying out the services to your home, We have found this to be a great feature of our company as customers and cleaners can build a great relationship and clean your home to a high standard. Please contact us for further information for discussing options we offer. Options can include instructing cleaners to shut the door behind them when they leave, or lock the door and post the keys back through your letterbox if needed.


Will my cleaner be okay with pets?

All of our cleaners are comfortable with working in a house hold of pets including dogs. You are also able to add instructions for your clean to apply whilst cleaning in your home, such as making sure all windows and doors are kept closed, or letting your housekeeper know that your dog is scared of the hoover.


Please note: Your cleaner cannot feed, clean, walk or care for your pet.





How do I book?

To book a cleaner and use our services you can contact us via our contact form or call us for free on 08001613099 where you will be greeted by our customer care centre . You are also now able to select a cover housekeeper on days when your regular housekeeper is unavailable.





How does insurance work?

In the unlikely event that your Housekeeper causes any damage/breakage in your home, you need to inform us within 72 hours of your housekeeper's visit for us to be able to help.


Please provide proof of damage, including photos & full details of the damage/breakage. We will then take a statement from our cleaner to confirm whether they are responsible for the breakage, and if so we will pay for the damages or for serious cases our insurance will cover.


Our insurance policy is there to cover extreme cases such as fire or serious injury, but does not cover damage or breakage. Please note you will be required to pay a minimum excess of £250 for claims on this policy. For full details please see our terms and conditions.





How do you background-check housekeepers?

All of the cleaners working at Direct Cleaning 4 You have been DBS checked, References from previous employees have been contact.





What extra services will my cleaner provide?

As well as a regular home cleaning service, your housekeeper will also be able to provide the following services:




Indoor Window Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Fridge Cleaning

You can either add these services on to all visits, for example you might want ironing every visit, or you can add them on as a one off to any individual visit, for example, you might just want an oven clean every now and then. all of these extra costs are covered under our hourly rate



Can I give my housekeeper cleaning instructions?

You are welcome to give your cleaners pacific cleaning instructions although our cleaners do follow a cleaning task sheet to ensure that nothing is left. Please note pacific cleaning regulations when contacting us via form or telephone




How does payment work?

At Direct Cleaning 4 You we run a cashless system, so payment is taken from credit/debit card you provide to use when creating booking via our sales team. Alternatively our cleaners will collect on the day of cleaning by use of card reader.




What happens if my cleaner is ill?

Under the unfortunate event of your cleaning being unable to carry out your weekly clean we will give you a temporary cleaner. Please note that we send cleaner profiles with I.D. pictures when booking with us so that you will know who exactly will be cleaning your home. In this case you will have a choice of cleaners to pick from to fill in for this absence


Will I always have the same housekeeper?

When you book in for a regular service, we will send you the same cleaner every time. As we assign local cleaners to specific local areas, you will have the same cleaner every time,


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